Dyno Tuning

We have a Dimsport Dynorace 1000hp 4 wheel drive inertia  
system rolling road, this can test all four and two wheel drive  
vehicles up to 1000hp.

If you decide to have your car tuned on the dyno it will involve  
us strapping your car onto the dyno via the chassis with heavy  
duty car straps, once the vehicle is secure we will then run the  
car engine up to normal operating temperature in preparation  
for the dyno run.

To test the cars current horse power and torque settings we will  
select the correct gear and run the engine to full load for a few  
short seconds and then let the vehicle freewheel so the dyno  
can make all the calculations that is required to display the  
correct information on screen, we will then repeat this test
around three times to get an average reading.

After we have preformed the remap and uploaded it back into your vehicle we will then run the
car again and if needed we will make any final adjustments that are required until we are happy
with the end results, this will then complete the dyno test, you will then receive a printout of the
dyno test and it will show you the results of the pre runs and of the tuned runs, thus giving the
increases made during the remap.

Below is a few sample graphs from our Dyno.
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