DPF Removal

Why do we offer a DPF removal service?.

A lot of modern cars these days have what is called a Diesel  
Particulate Filter fitted to the exhaust sytem and it is designed  
to be more ECO friendly to the enviroment and is supposed to  
catch upto 80% of the soot that comes out of your exhaust, but  
this system is not without it's problems and is causing a lot of  
vehicles to break down, this is because as the soot levels build  
up in the filter it does what is called a regeneration process  
which involves pumping loads of extra fuel into the filter when it  
has reached a very high temperature and it doesn't always do it  
correctly, this can lead to the DPF getting too blocked with soot  
to do a regeneration and can also cause unburnt fuel to enter  
the sump causing the oil level in the vehicle to become too high  
which will also cause engine damage.
When the problem with the DPF getting blocked eventually happens then you really only have   
two choices, one is to get the DPF replaced at a cost of at least 1000 onwards just for the DPF  
filter alone which doesn't include the labour charges of fitment, or two you can opt to have the  
filter removed from the exhaust system and the software deleted from the ECU that causes the  
vehicle to do a regeneration resulting in no more problems from the DPF.

We can remove just the software from the ECU so that you can then get the DPF removed from  
the exhaust system yourself at a garage that suits you, or we can offer a complete service  
which involves the software removal from the ECU and also removing the particulate filter.

Please contact us for a price for your vehicle for this service.
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