About Us

ECU tuning by the experts.

We have over 20 years experience in the performance tuning of 
engines including today's complex management systems and
the most up to date technologies available in house.

We are different to other tuning companies because we actually
write our own software (maps) in house, we do not use or
outsource any of our map writing, also the sign of a good tuning
company is the ability to remove chips from inside of the ecu to
access the files and remap accordingly, these chips must then
be hand soldered back into the ecu which is very difficult to do.

Custom Tuning specialise in CHIP TUNING and have the ability
to tune lots of vehicles that most tuning companies cannot tune,
such as vehicles manufactured before the year 2000.
Custom tuning work with all the top tuning houses across  
Europe and are always fully up to date with latest software  

How do we differ from other tuning companies? We actually  
write the software and have a real passion to be the best,  
this you will hear from all of our customers past and  
present. Customer satisfaction is top on our list of priorities.  
Wether you want higher power, more torque and smoother  
gains across the rev range, or simply better fuel economy  
then Custom Tuning have the knowledge and capability to  
shape your engine around the way you drive.  All of this is  
done by working with instead of against the original vehicle  
systems. The vehicle can be completely returned to its  
original state at any time.
For customers that care about performance and quality, Custom  
Tuning is the answer, we always tune to safe levels and do not  
use boost spiking that will give you that ‘feels good’ feeling,  
instead we will tailor the remaps throughout the rev range and  
alter many parameters that other tuners neglect  which will give  
you optimum performance throughout the full range.

Custom Tuning is the way forward for people that are looking to  
get improved fuel economy, we can tune in such a way that  
increased torque will free up power which will otherwise not be  
utilised, fuel savings have been seen up to 20%.
All Major Cards Accepted
TEL: 01274 95 00 95